HD Streamz Not working – Fix now

If HD Streamz Not working – How to fix it ?

Hey guys if HD Streamz not working your android smartphone and suddenly HD Streamz is not responding, not Working, showing error, server down etc. then we have some of solution to solve these issues. You can enjoy all the free entertainment on HD Streamz app. So Having some issues then solve it here.

Here we have shared a few of solutions that will really helpful for you to resolve the issue. So go down below and find out the method and try to solve the issues.

How to fix Error?

Here are few of Methods for solving the issues of HD Streamz app Not Working. You are using HD Streamz on any of devices like fire tv, android tv, android smartphone, etc. These methods will apply to all of them. You can try out all the methods to resolve the issue completely

How to fix Source Down Error:

Update HD Streamz

Make sure you are using Latest HD Streamz APK . Because sometimes application unable to connect to the server so, we update the app and it will continue to run again So, Make sure that you are using the latest version of apk. To install latest version Download

Clear HD Streamz APP Data

Second method is to clear the HD Streamz App Data. It is really easy and your app data will be cleared and it will be like fresh new installed app. So clear app data and it can resolve your problem

Go to Settings > Apps > HD Streamz> Storage > Clear Data.
Go to HD Streamz app settings then click on Storage and Click Clear Data
Then Open the App, and enjoy the entertainment.

Check internet connections

So, hope that till now your issue has been resolved but still if not then check your internet Connection and make sure that internet is working fine. Sometimes internet doesn’t work fast so HD Streamz do not able to play smoothly.

Reboot Android Phone

At last Try to Reboot/Restart your smartphone and then try to open the HD Streamz App. There is high chance that you app will start working. Then enjoy the app.


HD Streamz App Not Working Fixed: We Hope that your app will start working by following all these methods then it is really great. Then enjoy all you favorite TV Shows, Web series, Etc. for Free..

But if is still doesn’t work after following all the methods then you should wait for the Next HD Streamz Update. We will fix the issue as soon as possible as release a new update so, be ready to download it from Download